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Joseph Amyot Padjan is a grammarian, writer, and independent researcher.  He is the author of two ground-breaking books, The Padjanaks and The Kangar, as well as numerous monographs, the most important of which are Anomalous and Kurdish Surnames in Croatia and Symphorose Ouaouagoukoué and The Origin of the Illini. His discovery that the Padjanaks were the Kushans has profound implications for our understanding and interpretation of history. His research interests include but are not limited to: 

• The history of Byzantium

• The history of Central Asia

• The history of the Kushans

• The ancient history of China 

• The history of Southeast Asia, particularly of the Tai peoples

• The history of the tribes of India

• The history of Sumer and Mesopotamia  

• Native American history

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