The Tuscan Origin of the Geraldines

Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, and Princess Diana were all descendants of Gerald de Windsor and Princess Nest of Wales. For hundreds of years the origin of the ancestors of Gerald de Windsor has been debated, with some arguing that his ancestors were Anglo-Normans, and others arguing that they were originally from Florence, Tuscany, and were Italian.  This paper makes sense out of the confusion created by all the others who wrote on the subject of the ancestry of the Geraldines, and answers the question of their origin.

 If the citation of this paper in the Wikipedia article on Gerald de Windsor brought you here [Joseph Amyot Padjan (2015). The Tuscan Origin of the Geraldines (PDF). p. 51. Retrieved 29 September 2022], see page 43 for the reference instead of page 51.


Philippe Amyot

This paper discusses at length the ancestry of Philippe Amyot, husband of Anne Couvent. The purpose of this paper is, in the main, to answer the question of what Amyot family in France Philippe Amyot was a member, and of who the parents of Philippe Amyot were. Also, by showing all the original documents that show the descent of my family and me from Philippe Amyot, and particularly that of my uncle Robert Amiot, my mother’s brother, who has had his DNA tested and his Y-DNA haplogroup assigned by FamilyTree DNA, I have definitively established the Y-DNA haplogroup of Philippe Amyot, husband of Anne Couvent, and I reveal it in this paper.